by Fabrizio Paterlini

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Circa l'anno scorso, ho chiesto al musicista francese Ales//Musiques d'images di remixare il brano "Far away from here", dal mio primo CD "Viaggi in aeromobile".

Dopo la pubblicazione di "Viandanze (EP)" in licenza CC nell'ottobre 2008, altri remix sono arrivati.
Ho quindi deciso di raccogliere i migliori ricevuti e rilasciarli in un'unica release, gratuita da scaricare e diffondere.

L'ultimo brano, "Passeggiata al tramonto" è un piccolo inedito composto per l'occasione. Il mio modo di dire grazie a tutti gli artisti che hanno reso possibile questa raccolta.

Buon ascolto!


It was something like one year ago, since i asked to Ales//Musiques d'images to remix my song "Far away from here", taken from my "Aircraft trips" album.
After the release in CC of "Viandanze (EP)" in the month of October 2008, other remixes arrived and then i decided to keep the best received in only one single release.

Last song, "Sunset walk", is a small never released before piece of music, written to say "thank you" to all the artists that made this compilation possible.

Hope you enjoy!


released April 7, 2009

Piano music composed and performed by Fabrizio Paterlini, remixes performed by various artists (see single tracks for details).
Fabrizio Paterlini Records, 2009




Fabrizio Paterlini Mantova

It is fitting that composer and pianist Fabrizio Paterlini was born and lives in the ancient northern Italian city of Mantua.

A romantic and historically significant centre of musical and artistic excellence, the city’s elegance and cultural depth permeate Paterlini’s exquisite original solo piano compositions.
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Track Name: Forever blue (March Rosetta re-imagined version)
"Forever Blue"

If I could give to you,
The one thing that you need,
And place it in your arms,
And make you feel complete,

I’d find it if I could,
What’s the difference – when I try,
I always seem to loose,
My heart and then my mind.


So lay your body down,
Just as reckless as you are,
With flowers in your hair,
And sunlight on your arms,

And give yourself to me,
In your glory and your power,
And give your hope to me,
I need a little loving inside of me now.


So open up your soul,
And take me as I am,
And love me for your own tonight,
Show me who I am,

And place your hand in mine,
Bring your charity to me,
And bless you always for,
Your friendship in my need.


So don’t fight what you’re feeling -
Just give up on leading yourself,
Right up to the edge,
Every time, just to please her -
You’ll find that it’s easy,
To open your heart up instead.


When you’re brought to your knees,
When you’re crying, you’re pleading,
She could change everything,
Just like that,

Then you know that you need her,
She brings you the healing,
That nobody, no-one else can.


That nobody, no-one else can.
That nobody, no-one else can.
That nobody, no-one else can.
That nobody, no-one else can.

But you,

I’ll find my way -
But I don’t want to be,
Forever without you.


Forever without you.

No, I don’t want to be,
I don’t want to be.